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adjective: vulpine

1. relating to a fox or foxes."the thriving vulpine population"

* crafty; cunning."Karl gave a vulpine smile"

Vulpine is a new collaboration between singer songwriter Reece Jacob and Manchester Journeymen Adisa Allen (Drums- Mouse Outfit) and Ben Price (Bass- Levelz).

Formed in late 2018, the project seeks to explore new approaches to the time honored format of the three piece rock band. Intricate, witty songwriting comes together with rich jazz-infused harmony and complex rhythmic arrangements to create a meta-modern space party in you mind. Informed by the likes of (insert rock artist) and (insert more obscure rock artist here). Three-part-harmonies soar over dark riffs and slick chord progressions; expect sweet drops, janky beats and captivating hooks.

Vulpine raises many questions: “Who are these guys?!”

“Did I pay to see this?!”

“Are these guys serious? Does it even matter?!”