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adjective: vulpine

1. relating to a fox or foxes."the thriving vulpine population"

* crafty; cunning."Karl gave a vulpine smile"

Vulpine is a new collaboration between singer songwriter Reece Jacob and Manchester Journeymen Adisa Allen (Drums- Mouse Outfit) and Ben Price (Bass- Levelz Live Band).

Formed in late 2018, the project seeks to explore new approaches to the time honored format of the three piece rock band. Intricate, witty songwriting comes together with rich jazz-infused harmony and complex rhythmic arrangements to create a meta-modern space party in your mind. Informed by the likes of (insert rock artist) and (insert more obscure rock artist here). Three-part-harmonies soar over dark riffs and slick chord progressions; expect sweet drops, janky beats and captivating hooks.

Vulpine raises many questions: “Who are these guys?!”

“Did I pay to see this?!”

“Are these guys serious? Does it even matter?!”